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Description from Ultradynamico:

Sometimes you veer slightly off course and end up in a place like MARS. If you are running our rider-designed, ATB performance tuned rubber, you'll not only be styling for the NASA livestream, but you'll also be in for a great ride. MARsala also happens to be a rich and nutty fortified wine from Sicily. If these tires sell, Patz and Ron will be both rich and nutty. JFF means Just For Fun, but not ONLY for fun, these tires are equally equipped for long days locked in the pain dungeon as they are for a Sunday tour of Portland's vegan doughnut shoppes. Continuous ramped center delta for a fast roll when propelled, and confident braking traction when modulated. Side knobs won't let you down, or let you fall down in loose, dry corners. Wide knob spacing sheds mud and makes artistic patterns in the space dust.

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