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Product description

How to carry your luggage on a bike is always an ever evolving quest for solutions, but we thought it would be appropriate to design an easy-to-use tote bag that could do double-duty on and off the bike. Positioned as an evolution of the formidable GR LOADER, the WB is a tote style bag that fits perfectly in the ubiquitous and practical Wald 137 basket. The bag can be easily attached and detached with the stitched Velcro straps, so it can be used for riding while in the basket, as well as while off the bike. A perfect, stylish blend of utilitarian and versatility, the WB is perfect for commuting and attending school, making a run to the grocery store, stashing a change of clothes, and any other day-to-day activity that you can imagine.  The fairly short tote straps keep the bag close to your torso when carrying off the bike. 

Made from cordura nylon with a good balance of ease of handling and durability, the entire bag is equipped with cushioning material, so it will protect the luggage inside if you encounter some variations in your road or trail. The roll-top shape, a structure that can flexibly cope with the capacity of luggage, and a ‘pig nose’ affords the option of attaching additional luggage to the bag- perfect for supplementing the capacity of the bag if using on basket-style bike packing applications like carrying a mattress pad or sleeping roll.  The possibilities are endless with the WB.

【SIZE】32cm x 19.5cm x 34 cm




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