Chonkey Kong Country 2020

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Chonkey Kong Country 2020

It's all happening! With the help of Great Lakes Randonneurs we'll be putting on our first ever gravel ride. May 9th, 2020 will be the inaugural date for CHONKEY KONG COUNTRY!

First and foremost, this is a RIDE, not a race. Of course there will be people who want to race themselves and others, and that is totally fine, but we will not be offering chips or timing or anything of that sort. This event is about spending a great day in the saddle, meeting people, challenging yourself, and most importantly having fun. Our goal with this event is to help people experience some different riding than they may be used to in Illinois.

Some details about the event:

Start is at 8am at the Paddle Wheel Inn in Oregon, Illinois. We will have two routes, a 200k and a 100k (approximately 128 miles or 64 respectively). We will provide cue sheets and GPS files for both routes, but outside of that there will be no signage. The 200k route will take you from Oregon, IL all the way to the Mississippi River and back. Both routes will be about 80% gravel roads. While car traffic will be minimal on this route, the roads will still be open to all traffic.

If you are experienced rider or looking for a challenge, the 200k route is for you. If you are new to gravel, haven't tackled a long ride yet, or just looking for a relaxing day on some beautiful country roads, the 100k is an excellent choice. The 200k route will have a bail out option at the first check point if you want to do the 100k instead. Again there are no cutoffs or timing, so you can make your own pace on both routes.

For tickets, just follow the link below, hopefully we'll see you out there!