In today’s society, everyone is looking for products that are not only useful, but ones that they can identify with as well. A bike should be no different. To create easy access to a custom bike, The Bike Lane offers a Build Your Own Bike (BYOB) program. With packages designed around all levels of riders and all price ranges, BYOB will have something for everyone. Stop by anytime for a consultation and estimate!


A Tune-Up is an essential part of every bike’s health and well being. Regular service not only prolongs the life of your bike and it’s components, but it will save you money and headaches down the road. Our tune up includes all the essential adjustments on your bikes, as well as checking the wear and tear on parts in an attempt to pinpoint problem areas before they fail. Included with each tune up is the following:

  • Derailleur Adjustments
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Wheel True (off bike)
  • Hub Adjustments
  • Headset and bottom bracket adjustments
  • Checks alignment of handlebars, brake levers and shifters
  • Limit screws are reset
  • Chain lubed
  • Tires inflated
  • Frame is wiped down and cleaned


For bikes that need the works, we offer a heavy overhaul service. In addition to all the work of a tune up, your bike will get all the extra special treatments. All bearing assemblies are taken apart, cleaned, and repacked with fresh grease. The bottom bracket is removed, threads are cleaned, and re greased. The drivetrain will be removed and completely cleaned in our parts washer, and all inner cables and housing are replaced. Disc brakes will be bleed and fluid replaced as needed. Like we said, the works.

Other Specialties

  • Custom Wheel builds
  • Suspension Service
  • Chris King Service
  • Classic Restorations
  • Project Help (Taking things into your own hands? No problem, we're here to help!)

Walk Ins

Of course, sometimes the service you need doesn’t fall perfectly into one of these categories, or maybe you just need a quick fix. Refer to our service menu for a list of a la carte offerings, many of which can be done while you wait. If you’re unsure of what you need, just stop by and we can check out your bike. Estimates on work are always free, and can also be done while you wait.

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Service Menu

Full Tune-Up $100
Single Speed Tune-Up $80
Overhaul $300
Flat Fix / Tire Install $20
Brake / Derailleur Adjustment $20
Brake Bleed (Per Brake) $45
Bearing Adjustment $15
Install Rack/Fender $25
Wrap Handlebars $15
Install Chain/Cog/Freewheel $10
Part Install (Pedals, Seat, etc.) $10
Headset/Bottom Bracket Install $20
Crank Install $20
Wheel True $25
Spoke Replacement $35
Wheel Build (Single, Pair) $65 $110
Tubular Install $40
Tubular Removal / Rim Prep $50
Tubeless Setup (Per Weel) $40
Drive Train Cleaning $65
Frame / Fork Alignment $45
Frame Saver $40
Chase and Face $35
Heliocoil $40
Bearing Overhaul $40
Cut Fork/Bars $10
Hourly Rate $80