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Product description

Larger than the Co-Pilot, stiffer than the Point 'N' Shooter, this handlebar bag is ready for anything from a full days adventure to a weekend tour.

The use of this bag is simple yet effective. Consider it a dumping ground for all of your bike needs. Some pack mule ideas are listed below for your reading pleasure:

✔ Large Drinking Vessel ✔
✔ 20-ish Gel Energy Packs ✔
✔ Solar Optic Lenses with Frame ✔
✔ Plus Sized Mobile Cellular Telephone ✔
✔ Couple o' Food Storage Snack Bars ✔
✔ Semi-Functional Compact Tool Set ✔

This bag is a quick and easy install on any bike/stem/handlebar combo. Simply determine which side of the bars you would like it on and mount the stem strap around the stem. You will find which strap is fit for the stem as it runs vertically and is permanently affixed to the bag near the pull cord. The other strap (which runs vertically and is totally removable) is meant for attaching the bag to the handlebar on either the right or left side. The third strap (which runs in a horizontal direction) is meant to strap the bar to the head tube. Creating the third mounting point and giving the bag zero sway or sag.

Weight: 4.5oz // Dimensions: 8.5" - 7" Tall x 3.75" Wide x 3.75" Deep

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